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A Taste of Bitter Justice

Author – Kenneth Louis Lancisi

The year is 1988. A small squadron of Afghani soldiers are ready to defend their country from a possible Soviet attack when they are cut down mercilessly from the air by a rogue military pilot. The son of the squad leader, Bashar Alin Farouk, spends the next 30 years looking to avenge his father’s death, whom he blames on America. When he attacks a US ship off the coast of Somalia killing 3 sailors and injuring many others, Tom Logan and Jack Pistrello are assigned to investigate and bring the perpetrator/s to justice. In their investigation they uncover a global criminal organization. Tom finds his team in multiple countries dealing with their mission, but the investigation begins to intersect with the criminal activities of the terrorist organization. The reader will be captivated by constant action and difficult situations as they follow the evidence to bring the culprits to justice and prevent another American catastrophe at sea.

This book is currently in the editing phase and will not be available until the first quarter of 2023. When it becomes available for pre-order this site will be updated. There will be a marketing effort on this book in the Fall of 2022.