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Recreating a Lost Nation

by Kenneth Louis Lancisi

I have read many articles related to the times Americans are living in. This blog responds in general to conservative articles and thus have a right-wing spin on them. One of the articles addressed the disrespect being given to the National Anthem and the American flag during sporting events by kneeling during the playing of the anthem. The other article was a more-broad text regarding how the United States can preserve moral values that the nation was founded upon for the next generation.

My comments here are not to analyze or write about those articles as I do agree with both of them. I, too, am a conservative thinker. I, too, believe the nation is being disrespected when someone kneels during the National anthem. And I, too, believe many of the Judao-Christian values that the country adopted during its founding are under attack. However, there are many, if not hundreds and even thousands of these type articles being written. Many more than any time in the country’s past.

I have noticed many commonalities in these conservative articles of the present time. Most of them make it perfectly clear that our country is under an assault that is much worse than ever before. They also make a strong statement that all is not lost. They make it clear that the country could easily fall into the pit of despair and become nothing less than a third world nation if the policies of the political opposition become law. And therefore, the opposition must be defeated.

Now, for the record, I do not disagree with the stated text in most of the articles including the examples I give above regarding kneeling during the anthem and moral values. What I would like to state here in this article is something that the conservative writers do not relay in their articles. Most all of the articles are written in a way that tries to lead the reader into a mindset that, if not defeated, the radical opposition will take control and all will be lost and therefore the opposition MUST be stopped at all costs. It is a reasonable political tactic to influence voters to vote a certain way. In other words, all is not lost if you vote the “right” way.

This is where I want to pick up the conversation. At the point where, according to conservative writers, the implication is that all will be lost if the Republicans do not win the next election. I respectfully and quite humbly disagree with that stated conclusion. I do want to state, though, that in my opinion, it will be a very painful time period for all freedom loving people should the Democratic Party take control of the White House and Congress.

Why do I say that all is not lost if the radical opposition takes over and implements the radical policies that conservatives have tried so hard to avoid? Many conservatives or others have come to the conclusion that once the United States Constitution is not followed or in their opinion, which I agree, is shredded, then the country will not be able to get back the system of government created at its founding.

Now, this is not only not true, it is a ridiculous statement and belief. Logic dictates that if something is created and then that something is destroyed, then the destroyed item can be recreated given that all the parts are available. As a matter of fact, if an item is destroyed but all the documentation that was written to create the item exists then recreating it will be much easier. There are four things needed to recreate any item destroyed. They are:

1. Documentation
2. Knowledge to understand and follow the documentation
3. The material (physical or non-physical) that the documentation states.
4. The desire to recreate it.
This same theory applies to a political system. In the United States there are a multitude of documents that explain how the government was created. In the United States there are over three-hundred-million people. There are plenty that have the knowledge to understand all the documentation available in order to recreate the original government. The United States is the richest country in the world. All necessary material is available to recreate the original government.

This brings me to the last item needed. It is not enough that the desire is there. It must be a majority of desire. In other words, more people must have the desire to recreate the political system than not. If the conservative conclusions are correct, then it should not take long before a majority of people would be set to have a revolution to recreate the Freedom they once had.

It is my belief that if the unthinkable happens and the opposition takes power then we will all have to endure some pain for a while, which could be a year or two but then a massive uprising would occur like the one that produced the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the country will be reborn or recreated. It will not be an easy task to accomplish but once it is achieved It will be much more difficult to come apart a second time. This is my most humble opinion.

For the record let me state that it is my sincere hope and wish that this scenario does not play out and the country does not fall into disrepair such that it would take another revolution to get it back.