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A user may request material to be posted to this web site. In order to have your material posted you need to send it as an attachment to the following email address:

It will be reviewed and if it meets the following criteria, it will be posted to the appropriate category.


1. Swears, vulgarities, or any other inappropriate words will not be allowed on this site.

2. No condescending remarks of any individuals, any race, any ethnicity, any faith, any political beliefs, or any other person’s opinions will be allowed on this site.

3. Disrespectful remarks in any format will not be allowed on this site.

4. Sexual content will not be allowed on this site.

5. This is not a debating site. Back and forth arguments will not be allowed on this site.

6. This web site is for writings only, therefore only writings will be allowed and/or promoted.

We strive for material that is clean, meaningful and above all unique and interesting.

The owner of this site has the final say of whether an item is posted or not.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding.