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Upon the throne in bliss,
With power, strength, and might.
King rules with hardened fist,
And never is contrite.

Fearing his hardened hand,
Is how he keeps them down.
Fearing to take a stand,
Playing them, like a clown.

They all do King’s bidding,
No questions or complaints.
Following each order,
Without ties or constraints.

The life King lives is grand,
His wants are always met.
He owns all’s life and land,
Their house, their home, their pet.


One day King looked upward,
A face looked back at he.
It shed a tear and asked:
“Why are they all not free?”

King told him: “They are mine!”
And a tear fell once more.
King said: “They all serve me”,
Tear three fell then tear four.

As tears fell near the King,
King’s heart began to change.
Loves warm light pierced through it,
And made it rearrange.

King’s mind then opened up,
To love he had not known.
Love so warm and tender,
His mind was really blown,

King then heard a whisper.
Asking him, to be kind.
To love as King is loved,
Embraced upon King’s mind.

A changed and caring heart,
God saw in King’s amends.
Freedom, King gave to all
Subjects he now calls FRIENDS!

When love’s no longer there,
Greed moves into its place.
Then God may shed a tear,
That lands upon your face.

Kenny Lancisi – 2022