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Stories Brewed To Perfection

Craving a cup of adventure, a brew of thrill, and a table creativity? Welcome to Kenny’s Writing Cafe.

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What’s on the menu?

Kenny’s Writing Cafe is a hub of stories brewed by one of today’s most exciting authors in the writing circuit.

Readers of all tastes and palettes get the chance to get their fix from the most poetic of poetries, exhilarating short stories, and books filled with drama and action.

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Experience the hiking of a lifetime
on the first weekend of November.

Embark on an adventure instigated by a captivating prologue, condensing into a read explaining how Moore’s Peak got its name. From the excitement and drama of all the adventures—courtesy of Ben, Nikki, and Mac, discover how things go awry following an abduction that keeps you wanting more.

Brace yourself for a surprise ending and the discovery of two unlikely heroes.

About the author

Meet Kenneth Louis Lancisi, a creative connoisseur, storyteller, and one of the most exciting authors of our time.

Born in Milford, Massachusetts, in 1953, Kenneth was raised in a typical middle-class household with three sisters and one brother. His childhood was spent vacationing on Cape Cod. He graduated from high school in 1971 and went to college for computer science in the early 80s.

He is currently happily married with three daughters, all of whom have their own families.

Kenneth is known for his stylistic and immersive writing, which is making waves in the industry. Which makes you wonder, where did his knack for writing stem from?

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From experiencing an exhilarating weekend in November alongside three friends to immersing yourself in a political thriller encapsulating the friction between Afghanistan and the United States…

Presenting Kenneth Louis Lancisi’s best work in his two esteemed titles, Moore’s Peak and A Taste of Bitter Justice!

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