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Moore’s Peak

Author – Kenneth Louis Lancisi

In his first novel, Kenneth Lancisi takes the reader right into the story. From the captivating prologue, which tells how Moore’s Peak got its name to the excitement and drama of the adventures that Ben, Nikki, and Mac encounter. Adding a riveting and tense filled abduction keeps the reader on edge. Ben and Mac are co-workers in the IT field while Nikki (Ben’s sister) is a Medical Technical Engineer and works at RI Hospital. All three are hiking enthusiasts and have climbed many of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. On the first weekend of November, they experience the hiking adventure of a lifetime. Join the three as they deal with not only the forces of nature but an unsavory character. The addition of an abduction in the adjacent small town of Percival adds to the riveting suspense the book offers. A surprise ending and two unlikely heroes is guaranteed to satisfy every reader.

This book was published in 2016 and is available in both soft and hard cover or e-books. It can only be purchased through the internet.